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                                     Rick began creating Art at the age of 10.  Born and raised in
                             Erie Pennsylvania, he has a great appreciation for the region's historical
                             sites as well as the natural beauty of the area.  The sites in this
                             area have always been intriguing to him and he hopes that others will
                             see the majestic beauty of them in his work.  He hasn't limited himself to
                             historical subjects alone but instead has created numerous works involving
                             many different themes.  He may paint a lighthouse one day and a lion
                             the next,  always striving to put his heart and soul into each one.
                             He's worked many different jobs over the years including, as a young boy,
shining shoes, repairing bicycles and delivering news papers, just to name a few.  He served
three years in the United States Army.  After an honorable discharge from the Army, Rick
acquired a job with General Electric building and later on, testing locomotives.  He spent most of
his adult life working for GE.  Working for a big company like General Electric was not always
smooth sailing but it paid the bills and helped take care of his family.  Rick suffered many years
of layoffs due to the rise and fall of demand for locomotives.  During those hard times he found
many different jobs such as crushing grapes for wine and juice, tending bar at a local club,
delivering pizza and painting signs in the basement of a hardware store.  During a rather lengthy
layoff he received a grant to attend a two year Drafting and Design Class.  After obtaining an
Associate Degree and a short working career in the field he returned to GE as a laborer.  The
increase in pay and benefits were too good to turn down, not to mention he wanted his family to
have a better life, so he chose to say goodbye to his new career.   All of this has brought Rick to
this very point in his life and though it hasn't always been easy, he wouldn't change a thing.
Through all of the ups and downs he never gave up on his art.  Rick has always loved art and
continuously strives to improve on his abilities.  He's been studying art for many years, with
books, some early classes in high school and decades of practice.  Rick has used many different
mediums and is currently working, primarily, with acrylics on canvas.  He has also painted
numerous rocks in the spirit of  the "Rock Art" movement that has been sweeping, not just the  
country but also the world.
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